About Us

Renuka Tailors is one stop shop for dance costumes, jewellery and accessories for bharathanatyam, kuchipudi and all types of dance. Established in 1995,constantly working for so many famous customers all over the world.

India is a land of diverse cultures, traditions and languages. In India many dance forms have developed. Each dance is the specialty of particular region or tribe. Each dance has its own particular set pattern of costumes & make-up. The classical dance forms have defined rules that have been followed traditionally over the year. So we are providing materials according to rules and needs of the customers.

Owner and Designer in this organization, Mr.R.Vengidesh is an efficient and hard working person.

Due to his sincerity we achieved this fast growth in this industry. You are most welcome to send your enquiry about our costumes through mail or phone. We look forward to serve you at any time.  


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